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Floating Valves vs Fixed Valves

Dec 13, 2016

We are retraying a naphtha reformer debutanizer to increase capacity.  One vendor recommended and quoted floating valve trays and another vendor quoted fixed valve trays.  Which is better suited for this service?  What are the pros and cons of each?


3 thoughts on “Floating Valves vs Fixed Valves

  1. UOPPASS2 says:

    Usually for reformer Debutanizers there is a wide range of loads in the bottom section – between the feed tray and the tray above the reboiler – even as much as 60%.  We usually prefer moving valves because of this.

    1. YoungJoo says:

      Usually, the moving valve tray is recommended to get the stable performance with wide range of operation. Fixed valve tray has some weeping problem at the low turndown operation case like sieve tray.

      But, in the case of revamping, first of all, you should check that the existing attachments can be reused with moving valve tray or fixed valve trays when you need to replace the deck type. If you can reuse the existing attachments with moving valve trays, that is no problem. But when you need to change the existing dimension to use the moving valve trays, i recommend to review the fixed valve trays with reusing the existing attachements. Even though, fixed valve is not good at low turndown case, revamping case is suitable considering of increasing capacity.

      In the revamping project, you should be focus on the both side; column hydraulic performance and modification work volume.

  2. AshrafLakha says:

    When it comes to trays or any mass transfer device there no better or worse… actually it is what is required. Typically fixed valve especially mini fixed valve should provide higher capacity and lower presure drop but albiet at a cost fo slightly lower operatig range. The fact that your are revamping the column we assume this is for capacity enhancement so here fixed may seem to be a better option. Being debutaniser based on our experience fixed valve should work as long as your happy with teh oeprating range of the solution offered. With regard to use of existing tower attachments to install new trays this can be easily handle irrespective of which options you ultimately select

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