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2022 AIChE Spring Meeting & Distillation Symposium Honor


    The AIChE Spring Meeting 2022 was held in San Antonio from April 11 to 14. The Distillation Symposium drew a large crowd. The Distillation Symposium featured 37 papers given across seven sessions. Six FRI engineers presented papers at the symposium, and FRI was well-represented.

     The honors session for Dr. Izak Nieuwoudt, Senior Research Engineer at FRI, was the highlight of the distillation symposium. As an engineer, educator, inventor, and R&D leader, Izak was recognized for his lifetime contributions to Separations Technology and Engineering. Experts in the field of separations, including Prof. Cara Schwarz, Dr. Frank Seibert, Dr. Andre Erasmus, Dr. Anand Vennavelli, and Dr. Tony Cai, presented five excellent presentations at the honor session. Izak received a plaque from the AIChE Separations Division in recognition of his many outstanding achievements in distillation, extraction, absorption, and troubleshooting. Following that, a banquet was held. During the dinner, several people, including his students, coworkers, friends, and family members, addressed Izak. The honor session and dinner for the Izak's was lot of fun and memorable. Congratulations Izak!

    A tutorial session for young professionals was also arranged by FRI and the AIChE Separations Divisions. The next AIChE meeting will be in Phoenix from November 13-18, 2022. The next Spring AIChE meeting, which will be held in Houston from March 12-16, 2023, will have a Kister Distillation Symposium.