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Dr. Izak Nieuwoudt and Dr. Tony Cai Wrap Up Productive Asian Tour


    Dr. Izak Nieuwoudt and Dr. Tony Cai successfully concluded their extensive tour across Asia, comprising multiple meetings and training sessions. Firstly, they conducted a comprehensive new member training session for Tianjin Tianchen Green Energy Engineering Technology Development Ltd Co., aimed at acquainting new members with the plethora of resources and tools available through their FRI membership, while also fostering relationships with FRI staff.

    In Beijing, the second installment of the FRI Distillation Academy took place, drawing 25 attendees from 9 member companies. Tailored for engineers with 3 to 15 years of experience in the mass transfer field, this 4-day course proved instrumental in enhancing participants' expertise. We extend our deepest gratitude to Jiazhuo Li and the dedicated team at Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co. Their invaluable assistance in locating a suitable facility for hosting the academy and technical meetings, as well as their unwavering support throughout the events, have been indispensable. The next FRI Distillation Academy session is scheduled for October 8-11, 2024, in Cologne, Germany.

    Additionally, special technical meetings were held in both Beijing and Seoul, providing a platform to discuss FRI's latest research and activities since the previous meeting. Attendance at these meetings was excellent with 58 attendees representing 18 companies attending in Beijing and 29 attendees representing 8 companies attending in Seoul. These meetings offer invaluable networking opportunities, particularly for representatives unable to attend Technical Advisory Committee meetings. Gratitude is extended to Steve Kim and his team from UIT Solutions for his assistance in organizing the meeting in Seoul.

    Furthermore, FRI seized the opportunity to engage with potential new members in the region, underscoring the significance of these multi-stop excursions in forging connections and assisting existing representatives in maximizing the benefits of FRI membership. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to Izak, Tony, and their families for their dedication and support in facilitating such trips.

    For those interested in becoming members, please contact us for further information.