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Update on the New HP Condenser Installation < Back to News

Jun 12, 2018

FRI is replacing the High Pressure (HP) Condenser as part of our efforts to maintain the FRI Experimental Unit and expand capabilities.  The Low Pressure (LP) Condenser was replaced last year, and HP Condenser replacement is in progress during this turnaround.  The existing condensers were part of the original equipment installed in the 1950’s.  The new HP Condenser was set in to place last week and installation of the piping is in progress. 

This is part of a longer term effort to:

  1. Provide higher capacities at flood conditions when testing in the 8-ft. (2.44 m) section of the LP Column and
  2. Allow tests at vacuum conditions in the HP Column.  The replacement of the LP Condenser has already proven beneficial during the recent MD-6/7 Test to measure efficiency improvements with push valve trays; however, the full benefits will not be realized until improvements on the steam/water side of the process are completed.