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Beijing Zehua SPRâ„¢ No.2 Structured Random Packing Topical Report And Database Release< Back to News

Jan 23, 2019
Topical Report and Database Release
Topical Report and Database Release

Beijing Zehua SPR™ No.2 Structured Random Packing 

(2018 CATEGORY 1)
This report (TR 207) documents the experimental results of the Beijing Zehua SPR® No. 2 packing, which is a hybrid packing marketed as a “structured random packing.” The packing was tested by FRI as a 2018 Category 1 test in the 4-ft (1.22 m) diameter high pressure column with the isobutane/n-butane system at 100, 165, 300 and 400 psia (6.9, 11.4, 20.7, and 27.6 bar).  The SPR No. 2 packing performed well at all pressures tested, and showed similar HETPs, higher useful capacities, and significantly lower pressure drops compared to 2-in. (50 mm) Pall Rings.  FRI appreciates Beijing Zehua’s collaboration on this project, and their support of the FRI Category 1 test program.
The Topical Report by Dr. Anand Vennavelli and Mr. Mark Cavett and its database have been uploaded to the FRI website and can be accessed using the buttons below. 
Topical Report