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Jan 22, 2019

Invitation to Nominate

2020 Category 1 Proprietary Device Testing

Dear FRI Members,
In accordance with the Procedure for Selecting Devices for Category 1 Proprietary Tests, you are invited to nominate devices for testing under FRI sponsorship in 2020. The following is a direct quote from the procedure:
“...member companies are invited to nominate proprietary devices under the Packing heading or the Tray heading that they deem worthy of Category 1 testing. Any number of devices can be nominated by a member company. The only requirements on these devices are:

a.) they must be intended for the purpose of separating substances by the means of differences in volatility;
b.) they must be commercially available and in use; and,
c.) they have not been previously tested by FRI under similar conditions.

The member company must provide the device name; the device model; the size proposed for testing if different sizes are available; and the name and address of the Proprietor. The member company may also provide the desired test system or systems. The list of devices so nominated is collated by the FRI staff on a “Tray” ballot for tray-like devices and on a “Packing” ballot for packing-like devices. If more than one size of the same packing is requested, they will appear on the ballot as a single entry with the sizes indicated. If that packing is selected, the final size determination will be made by the Proprietor from among the requested sizes. Desired test systems will be listed on these Screening Ballots, for devices that have already been tested by FRI. These Screening Ballots are sent to the membership with the notice of the May meeting...”

Two Tables are attached for reference:

Table 1 summarizes the devices that have already been tested by FRI 
Table 2 shows the  devices which are already scheduled for testing by FRI
Nominations must be received by the Stillwater office no later than March 15, 2019, so that they can be included on the screening ballot in time for the May meeting. Nominations can be submitted on the website using the button below:
Best regards,

Ken McCarley
FRI Technical Director