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Apr 09, 2019

Highlights of the AICHE meeting in New Orleans

Sharon Beshouri, President of Shell Global Solutions, was the keynote speaker this year. She talked about transforming technologies and how digitalization has opened tremendous opportunities within the chemical process industries. Among other things, one advice she had for young engineers is to really listen to the plant operating staff and to know that there is no real substitute for process knowledge.

The AIChE National Meeting in New Orleans featured another highly successful Kister Distillation Symposium. The Symposium had eight well attended sessions over a four-day period. It was the first time that the symposium had an entire session for the reboiler and condenser. The average attendance was between 75 and 100 attendees per session. Fifty-one (51) speakers at the symposium came from 16 different countries and Nineteen (19) speakers at the symposium were from FRI member companies.

This year’s Distillation Symposium dedicated three honor sessions – for Greg Shinskey, Prof. Rolf Prince, and a memorial session for Glenn Shiveler.

FRI had an active role in the Symposium. We chaired the Symposium session titled Exciting Developments in Enhanced Distillation, and presented three papers in the Symposium:

  1. Distillation Technology: Is it really mature as we approach 2020?
  2. Kettle reboiler circuit troubleshooting
  3. Pour/Drip point density estimations for packed columns with structured packings

In addition, FRI co-authored the following paper:

  1. UOP High Cond™ tubes debottleneck FRI condenser

For the sixth straight year, FRI organized and chaired a Young Professionals tutorial session with the Separations Division and the Young Professionals Forum.  The session featured six back-to-the-basics papers, including FRI’s papers on column inspections and distillation troubleshooting for beginners.

The next AIChE meeting will be in Orlando in November 2019. The deadline for abstract submissions is April 12, 2019.

The next AIChE Distillation Symposium will be held in Houston in March 2020.