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DSP-1: Intermediate Bed Limiter Screen Effects for Random Packing Position Paper Released< Back to News

Aug 28, 2019
DSP-1  - Position Paper Release


Intermediate Bed Limiter Screen Effects for Random Packing


Normally in industrial practice, only a single type of random packing is used in a given packed bed. When transitioning between packing types, liquid is collected and redistributed onto the bed below. This practice is reliable and insures optimal efficiency and capacity, but does of course introduce cost both for the additional internals and the increased column shell height.  It is proposed that FRI executes a test program to investigate the impact of the intermediate bed limiter on efficiency, capacity and pressure drop of random packing.  A standard commercially available bed limiter will be tested with the C6/C7 system, which will cover from vacuum to pressure applications. This project is tentatively scheduled in the late December 2019 or early January 2020.

A Position Paper by Greg Cantley, Joe Flowers, Michael Schultes & Tony Cai has been uploaded to the FRI website and can be accessed using the button below. The report is also available from the Position Papers page.


Position Paper