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Dec 09, 2019
A new version of FRI's Device Rating Program is now available

Device Rating Program 3.5 Release

FRI is pleased to announce the release of DRP 3.5. The latest version has been uploaded to the FRI website and is available from the DRP Download* page.

What's new in DRP 3.5?

Significant improvements and enhancements that are available in this release (DRP 3.5 Build 768):

  • Performance diagrams:  Added capability to select mass rates or velocity (Capacity Factor / Cs) for Packing performance diagrams
  • Reports:  Added simplified report/output for packing, sieve trays, and valve trays
  • Geometry Design Tool:  Added Column Size Estimation Tool for a packed column
  • Correlations:  Implemented Topical Report 208 to support for Effective Hydraulic Specific Area for new generation packing flood calculations
DRP Download Page


Please log in to the FRI website before clicking the links.

Please contact for assistance with downloading or activating the program.

*If the DRP Download link does not take you to the DRP download page, please contact your company’s Technical Representative (listed here).  DRP can only be downloaded by FRI website users with TAC-level access to the website.