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Dec 23, 2019
MD 6/7 Progress Report and Database Release
Progress Report and Database Release

Valve Tray Efficiency Enhancement with Push Valves
(MD 6/7)

This progress report, Valve Tray Efficiency Enhancement with Push Valve (MD 6/7) presented the first systematic study at FRI on the effect of push valves on tray performance. 
Three types of one-pass trays - sieve trays, fixed valve trays, and fixed valve trays with push valves,  were tested in the 8-foot (2.44 m) section of the Low Pressure Column, respectively at a wide range of process conditions using the cyclo-hexane/n-heptane (C6/C7) primarily at column pressures of 4.5, 23.5 and 50 psia (0.31, 1.62 and 3.45 bara).  

It was found that the effect of the push valve on tray performance depended on the liquid and vapor loadings.  For example, the push valves greatly improved the tray efficiency with the 23.5 and 50 psia (1.62 and 3.45 bara) systems.  However, for the 4.5 psia (0.31 bara) system having lower liquid and vapor loadings, the same push valves significantly reduced the tray efficiencies.  Therefore, performance enhancement may not be observed when the process conditions are deviated from the original design conditions.
The Progress Report by Dr. Tony Cai and Mark Cavett and its database, have been uploaded to the FRI website and can be accessed using the buttons below. 

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Progress Report