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Feb 18, 2020

Fostering a positive safety culture is a vital part of FRI’s overall safety program.  A good indicator of behavioral safety growth is when employees are safe outside of work and intervene if they observe an unsafe scenario.  Dave Williams recently shared a safety story regarding his daughter speaking up about safety in one of her classes. Dave’s daughter was asked to weld and grind during a shop class but PPE (e.g. gloves, eye protection and etc.) was not provided for the students.   She told her teacher that she wasn’t comfortable with performing that work without any PPE.  She intervened in a safety issue!  Dave felt she had heard him talking about safety over the years and it had rubbed off.  Dave and Terry Thurber, FRI’s Safety Focal Point Technician and CSHO, came up with a plan and tactfully got the principal and teacher on board.  In early February, Terry taught a basic safety course to 5 classes of students.  Additionally, FRI donated safety glasses, face shields, gloves and hearing protection to the department.