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Tray Vibration Research< Back to News

May 26, 2020

Tray vibrations, which can result in structural failures, occur in distillation and absorption columns.  While most tray vibration problems are associated with large-diameter columns, very few studies have actually been conducted at this scale.  FRI, home to two commercial-sized columns, developed a comprehensive test program that allowed the study of tray vibrations.  FRI was able to simulate the natural frequencies of the test trays with help from GTC Sulzer and developed, in collaboration with Oklahoma State University, a vibration monitoring and measuring system. 

During this test program, tray vibrations were detected and measured at various process conditions. The test objectives included studying conditions at which tray vibrations may occur, analyzing tray vibration data, predicting tray vibrations, and ultimately providing FRI members with guidelines on preventing tray vibration problems.  If your company is not a Member of FRI yet, contact Jeanifer Randall,, to learn how to join.