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Technical Committee Election< Back to News

Jun 09, 2020

A notification regarding the Technical Committee (TC) election was sent out in March.  The incumbent TC members up for re-election this year are:

Chemical - 3 year term: Chet Davidson, Dow
Engineering/Manufacturing - 3 year term: Izak Nieuwoudt, Koch-Glitsch
Petroleum - 3 year term: Gabe Nahigian, Exxon
Chairman of technical committees - 3 year term: Greg Cantley, Marathon

We received resumes from all incumbent members.  Since no other nominations were received, in accordance with Part I and II, Paragraph 6a, of the Election Procedures adopted by the Technical Advisory Committee on November 12, 1970, and last revised May 27, 2010, all incumbent members are reelected.