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Feb 17, 2021
Progress Report Release

FRI Experimental Unit Upgrade

A master plan to upgrade the experimental unit and facility was approved to ensure that future projects proceed with a holistic vision in mind. The experimental facility was first constructed in Alhambra, CA, in the 1950’s, and later moved to Stillwater, OK, in 1989.  Many of the pumps and vessels, including the columns and reboilers, are original equipment.  FRI maintains Mechanical Integrity processes to ensure safety and reliability. However, future success also depends on continuous improvement in safety, productivity, and experimental capabilities. Many options to upgrade the experimental unit, expand experimental capabilities and increase the efficiency of operations have been proposed by FRI members, committees, and staff.  The FRI staff evaluated all the available ideas and maintenance requirements to generate a practical strategy.  The purpose of this report is to document the proposed plans before moving forward with further engineering studies and detailed budget estimates.
The Progress Report by Dr. Ken McCarley, Dr. Tony Cai, Mr. Mark Cavett & Mr. Dave Williams was uploaded to the FRI website and can be accessed using the button below. 
Progress Report