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FRI Tray Vibration Study (DST-23) - Progress Report Release< Back to News

Sep 22, 2021

Progress Report Release

FRI Tray Vibration Study (DST-23)

Progress Report DST-23 documents FRI’s recent project to study  tray vibrations. This is the first commercial-scale research on tray vibrations. The tests were conducted in the 8-foot (2.44 m) diameter section of FRI’s Low Pressure Column with the C6/C7 system at 4.5 psia (0.31 bara) using one-pass sieve trays.  A unique vibration monitoring/measuring system was developed to allow direct measurement of tray vibrations.  This report includes tray natural frequency simulation results, discussion on the conditions under which harmonic vibrations occurred, in-depth analyses of tray vibration data, and guidelines to prevent tray vibration problems.   

The tray vibrations and noises caused by the vibration were recorded and embedded in this report. Click here for instructions on how to view multimedia reports.
The Progress Report by Dr. Tony Cai and Mr. Mark Cavett has been uploaded to the FRI website and can be accessed using the button below. 
Progress Report