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Boiler Operator Training< Back to News

Oct 18, 2021


FRI’s technical staff recently completed on-site boiler training.  The training was conducted in-person over three days by Bruce McDaniel, Versa Tech Training, LLC.  Mr. McDaniel has extensive experience with boilers, steam systems, chillers, and HVAC and provides comprehensive boiler house operational and safety audits.  Following the training, the individuals completed their testing to become Certified Boiler Operators.  The Certified Boiler Operators include FRI’s Technicians, Operations Engineer, Project Manager, and Technical Director.

According to Oklahoma Department of Labor Safety Standards Division boiler operators must have knowledge on a variety of subjects dealing with the operation of boilers. Knowledge in areas relating to the theory of operation, safe practices, controls, repairs, maintenance, water chemistry and local jurisdictional requirements are needed if boilers are to be safely operated.  FRI will continue to consult with experts for the maintenance and repair of the boiler, but the FRI Technicians will be better prepared during operations and maintenance activities

A few highlights from the training include:

  • Good water treatment practices are critical to reliable boiler operations. 
  • FRI’s  boiler operations are not typical, because steam demand varies over a wide range during tests. It’s not a hands off utility that we can take for granted.  Mr. McDaniel commended FRI for its efforts to develop best practices to improve reliability and safety. 

Fred Smith – Water tubes can go up to a higher pressure than fire tubes.

Terry Thurber – Training provided good visual image of what is going on inside the boiler.

Dave Williams – Watch water level and chemistry.

Chad Kindred – Knowledge on tuning the boiler.