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Device Testing

Part of FRI's regular experimental program is the testing of new proprietary trays and packings.  Each year, the members vote and select one tray and one packing to be tested in the experimental unit. The FRI staff then work with the vendors of those devices to design and execute a testing program to determine the hydraulic and mass transfer performance of the devices. In addition, once each year FRI sets aside time so that a vendor paid test can be performed on a new device of the vendor's choosing.  Partial listings of the trays and packings at FRI is shown below.



Norton Triton® Tray

Sulzer Mellapak 452.Y

Koch-Glitsch Nye® Tray

Koch-Glitsch @25 IMTP®, Random Packing

ACS Maxflow® Tray

Raschig Super-Ring® No. 0.7

Sulzer Chemtech MVGT® Tray

Raschig Super-Ring® No. 0.3

Shell ConSep® Tray

Raschig Super-Pak® 250

Koch-Glitsch SUPERFRAC® Tray

Koch-Glitsch INTALOX® ULTRA™, Random Packing

Koch-Glitsch ULTRAY-FRAC® Tray

Koch-Glitsch INTALOX® ULTRA™ L, Random Packing

Shell ConSep® Tray

Raschig SUPER-PAK® 250 with High Pressure Systems

Shell ConSep® Tray C6/C7

Sulzer Chemtech MELLAPAKPLUS® 352.Y High Capacity Structured Packing

Koch-Glitsch PROVALVE® Tray

Montz B1-250MN®