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1. How does the membership have control over the research at FRI?

The answer is quite simple.  One Member = One VoteTo oversee the research, there is a Technical Advisory Committee which plans, approves, and receives the reports on the research program. It meets two times per year. Each member company has a representative on the Comittee. The Technical Director directs the staff in executing the research program.

2. How are membership fees established?

FRI is a non-profit organization.  Each three years the staff reviews financial projections and develops a budget that balances membership fees with the expenses that are expected to occur.  A simple escalation factor is used to adjust membership dues income with the expected expenses.  Each year, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors review and adjust the escalation factor based on current economics.

The underlying structure of the membership fees was established 20+ years ago by the Board of Directors.  It divides the membership into three categories, oil or refining, chemicals, and engineering.  Each of those categories has a different formula for setting the fees.

3. What is included in a membership?

  • Intellectual Property - Over 60 years worth of intellectual property.  This includes all reports, the data bases containing information on over 26,000 experimental runs, Device Rating Program (DRP), the Design Handbooks

  • One vote - As a Technical Advisory Committee member, you will play a role in the plans, approval, and reports of the research program

  • Board of Directors - The option to have a seat on the Board of Directors that guides the business side of FRI

  • Training - Personalized training on how to use FRI material

  • Various meetings throughout the world are held to discuss research being conducted.  These meetings provide a great opportunity for networking

  • Access to our Technical Staff team

4. What are the most common misconceptions about FRI?

Probably the most common misconception is that some member companies have more votes than others or their votes are weighted more heavily.  Each member has one vote on the TAC which is the ultimate decision making body for what research will be done.

5. How many Device Rating Program (DRP) users can I have?

There is no limit on the number of DRP users that a member company may have.