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We take pride in the wide variety of projects that take place at the Unit.  At any given time, we could be running Proprietary Testing, Parallel Projects, Member Driven Projects.  If our Members suggest it, we will do everything we can to try to make it work!  Below we've listed just a small portion of our current projects.

Our project list here at FRI is always changing!  Feel free to bookmark this page to keep tabs on the variety of projects.

Immediate Future Program (IFP)

June 2016



DSP-6 Structured Packing Installation - Phase 1


Short Retest on Raschig Minivalve Trays at Low Rates


2016 Category 3 Peiyang Chemical Equipment Company Device

October - November

Category 1 Packing: Raschig Super-Ring No. 0.6 Random Packing

November - December

Category 1 Trays: GT-OPTIM Tray with High Performance Valves

January - March 2017

DSP-6 Structured Packing Installation - Phase 2

April - May

2017 Category 3 Raschig Device



June - August

MD-6/7: Valve Tray Efficiency Enhancement with Push Valves

September - October

Category 1: TBD

November - December

Retest DST-22

Parallel Projects

Kettle Reboiler : Two new windows added

Kettle Boiling: pool densities now being studied                                                                 

HIGHFLUX and HIGH COND Tubing: in talks with UOP for reboilers and condensors

Window: materials, designs and durabilities being studied

Canty Cameras:   under consideration

Yokogawa: possibly joining FRI as collaborator

Carbon Dioxide Absorption Study: to begin at OSU with FRI/OSU PDPA from Artium Technologies

Steady-Steady Identifier Model: will go public via joint OSU/FRI paper at ACC conference in Washington DC

Liquid-Vapor Separator: project being discussed with ZJUT