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We take pride in the wide variety of projects that take place at the Unit.  At any given time, we could be running Proprietary Testing, Parallel Projects, Member Driven Projects.  If our Members suggest it, we will do everything we can to try to make it work!  Below we've listed just a small portion of our current projects.

Our project list here at FRI is always changing!  Feel free to bookmark this page to keep tabs on the variety of projects.

Long Range Plan (LRP)

Test Type

Test Name

2020 Cat 3 Koch-Glitsch

DSP-9/Phase 1

Improving Quality of FRI Test Data Measuring Entrainment from Packed Beds

OR-12:MD5/8 Dividing Wall Column
2021 Cat 3 UOP
DSP-18 Packed Bed Gas Maldistribution
DSP-17 Spray Nozzle Entrainment from Low Surface Area Y and X Style Structured Packings, Grid and Random Packing at Deep Vacuum
DST-6 System Limit on Trays
DSP-19 Effects of Liquid Viscosity and Surface Tension on Structured Sheet Metal


Deentrainment Capacity of Packings (DPL)

Parallel Projects

Kettle Reboiler: Entrainment, de-entrainment and pool density studies

Condenser: Performance enhancement studies with UOP High-Cond tubes

A comprehensive research program in Dividing Wall Column with an FRI collaborator, Tianjin University

Collaborations - Conduct mass transfer fundamental research with Oklahoma State University and Tianjin University

  • Impact of physical properties, such as high liquid viscosity, on tray and structured packing mass transfer efficiency
  • Effect on column design parameters, such as diameter, on vapor distribution.

Working with Yokagawa, to implement wireless applications at the FRI Experimental Unit

Collaborating with University of Bochum, to investigate and develop correlations of the liquid maldistribution in structured packing and its effect on mass transfer