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Member Testimonials

Many times the companies, we work for, have established a set of guidelines as good Distillation practice.  The DPC provides new good ideas that challenge these established practices and keep them "evergreen."  The DPC handbook is a wonderful resource that can provide an unbiased "second opinion" to many of today's challenging Distillation needs.  

Dan Summers - Past DPC Chairman

Design Practices Committee

The Design Practices Committee (DPC) of FRI functions as a body where general distillation industry design practices are documented and guidelines for their application developed. Their work is documented in FRI's Fractionation Tray Design Handbook: Volume 5; Design Practices.

Mr. Ray Sowiak, Committee Chair, Mc Dermott Technology

Mr. Joseph Parker, P.E., Committee Vice Chair, Eastman Chemical Company

Mr. Jeremy Brauer, UOP LLC

Mr. Bradley Haecker, The Dow Chemical Company

Mr. W. Randall Hollowell, Citgo

Mr. Henry Kister, Fluor Daniel, Inc.

Mr. Paul Morehead, P.E., Koch-Glitsch

Mr. Bill Nelson, Citgo

Mr. F. Ronald Olsson, P.E., Celanese Ltd.

Mr. John Petrik, Air Products and Chemicals

Mr. Attilio Praderio, ConocoPhillips Company

Mr. Dan Summers, P.E. Sulzer Chemtech Limited

Dr. Zhongcheng Wang, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Mr. Keith Whitt, Shell Global Solutions

Dr. Simon Xu, Technip

Dr. Norman Yeh, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Mr. Tim Zygula, BASF Petrochemicals

Consultants: Mr. John Farone; Mr. Neil Yeoman, P.E.; Mr. Lowell Pless

Design Practice Committee members are not always Technical Representatives from their member companies. They are appointed to the committee from Member Companies based on their expertise in the industry.