Device Testing & Projects

Device Testing

FRI’s experimental program includes the testing of proprietary trays and packings currently in the market. Members vote each year to test one tray device and one packing device at the experimental unit. The FRI staff then collaborates with device vendors to design and execute a testing program to determine the devices' hydraulic and mass transfer performance. The results of the tests are documented in reports and videos, and also included in the FRI Database. The FRI experimental program also includes a vendor-paid test on a new device, not available in the market, of the vendor's choosing. This information remains confidential to the vendor but many vendors decide to share the results with the membership.

Below is a partial list of the trays and packings tested at FRI.

Mitsui MH TrayACS Maxflow Tray
Shell ConSep TrayUOP SimulFlow Device
Raschig R-MV Fixed Mini Valve TraySulzer UFM Tray
GTC GT-OPTIM Tray with High Performance ValvesRVT MRV, Mini Fixed Valve Tray
Beijing Zehua MDV® High-Capacity TrayKoch-Glitsch FLEXIPRO™ Valve Tray


High Pressure Column

Low Pressure Column

Process Flow Diagram


A diverse mix of projects make up the testing program at FRI. Research and Development projects are a key part. The FRI Prospectus currently lists 57 projects identified by the Members. These projects include device specific, development research, modeling, and physical phenomena research. The projects with the highest membership interest are listed below in the Long Range Plan.

FRI also incorporate parallel projects, which tests auxiliary hardware, software or equipment used by FRI Members. FRI works with industry partners to incorporate these tests with the overall test program, document the results for the FRI Members. This partnership allows Members access to test results of technology or products from reliable third party and FRI access to cutting edge technology. We have listed some of our parallel projects below.

Test TypeTest Name
OR-12, MD5/8, DSP-25Dividing Wall Column
DSP-26Improved Understanding of Impact of Bed Depth on Random and Structured Packing Efficiency
OR-9CO2 Absorption Studies
DST-25Tray Efficiency and Capacity Enhancements
DST-30Impact of Movable and Fixed Mini-Valves on Tray Performance
OR-6Heat Transfer in Pump-Around Zones
DST-31Performance of Large Fixed-Valve Trays
PPP-7Distillation with Two Liquid Phases Present



Kettle Reboiler Windows

Oklahoma State University Chemical Engineering