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FRI News

Research Engineer Job Posting

Feb 18, 2020

...Read More

2020 Group Community Service Project

Feb 18, 2020

Fostering a positive safety culture is a vital part of FRI's overall safety program. A good indicator of behavioral safety growth is when employees are safe outside of work and intervene if they observe an unsafe scenario. Dave Will ...Read More

Welcome New Research Engineer - Dr. Sayeed Mohammad

Jan 07, 2020

We're happy to announce that Dr. Sayeed Mohammad joined the FRI Team as a Research Engineer. He comes to FRI from Oklahoma State University where he worked as a Research Assistant Professor. Dr Mohammad has a strong background in thermodynamic ...Read More

MD 6/7 Progress Report and Database Released

Dec 23, 2019

MD 6/7 Progress Report and Database Release ...Read More

FRI Member Benefits - A Short Video

Sep 05, 2019

"Thank you to Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd and Dr. Tang for the testimonial about their experience as a Member of FRI". Click below to view the video. ...Read More

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