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DRP 4.1 Release


    Significant improvements and enhancements have been made and are available in this release (DRP 4.1 Build 800):

    This version, DRP 4.1, will automatically uninstall DRP 3.x or 4.0 versions.

    Geometry Estimation for Sieve and Valve Trays:

    • Developed a new geometry estimation tool for valve trays and implemented improvements for the estimation tool for sieve trays.

    Constant Liquid and Constant L/V Downcomer Flooding Calculations:

    • Added constant liquid rate and constant L/V flooding calculations for all downcomers of multi-pass sieve and valve trays. Earlier DRP versions included these calculations for only the limiting downcomer.

    Updated Parameter for Random Packing:

    • Updated the effective mass transfer area for the INTALOX® ULTRA™ A random packing to 50.29 ft2/ft3 (165 m2/m3). Older DRP files opened in DRP 4.1 will automatically update the effective mass transfer area for this random packing.

    • Excitation Frequency for Sieve Tray Vibration:

      • Added the Excitation Frequency for tray harmonic vibrations to the sieve tray output cases.

    • Bubble Cap Input Form Improvements:

      • Implemented several improvements and added new validations to make the Input Form for bubble caps more robust and easier to use.

      • Added a new section in the DRP 4.1 User Manual describing the Cap/Row Calculation Input Form.

    Performance Diagrams:

    • When opening a DRP file containing performance diagrams, the diagrams will not need to be regenerated for displaying the curves.

    Structured Packing Descriptions:

    • Updated the structured packing descriptions in the software.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes in the User Interface

    Please contact for assistance with downloading or activating the program.

    Note: Manual activation is required if a user has not activated 3.x versions before. The activation page is available here.

    You can download the installation for DRP 4.1 (Setup 800.msi) from from the DRP Page. (Depending on your email settings, you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser to download it).