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1st Session of FRI Distillation Academy


    FRI held its first session of the FRI Distillation Academy in Houston, October 10-13. Twenty-four attendees, from ten different member companies attended the four day course. Here is some feedback from attendees.

    • Excellent data backing on all topics, thorough explanation of science behind physical phenomena, excellent examples from first hand experience.

    • We will look at the refining unit in a very different perspective now.

    • I have dived deep into some concepts related to mass transfer that I knew already, but they were explained in a extremely good way that made me realize some things I had never thought about before.

    FRI will host three sessions in 2024. This unique course is tailored to engineers with 3 – 15 years of experience in the mass transfer field.  The broad range of material is useful for engineers from the chemical, petrochemical, gas processing, refining, engineering, equipment manufacturing, and related industries. Click a session to register.

    We hope to see you at an upcoming session. Contact if you have any questions.