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AIChE announces winners of FRI Sponsored Awards


    FRI/Jose Bravo Graduate Student Research Award 2023 Winner - Xinrui Cai

    This award acknowledges an exceptional graduate student doing research in the field of Distillation and Absorption. The award is named after José Luis Bravo, who was a passionate advocate of Distillation Research and Separations Equipment. Over the course of his career at UT Austin, Shell, Jaeger Products, and FRI, José devoted himself to the study of Distillation and Absorption. The award is a testament to his lifelong dedication to this field.

    FRI/John G. Kunesh Award 2023 Winner - Xiao Su

    This award is presented in memory of John G. Kunesh, past Separations Division Chairman and Technical Director of Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI). His dedication to the distillation industry and service to those working in this industry serve as models for all those practicing engineering disciplines. John actively challenged, mentored, and encouraged young engineers to succeed.

    This award continues this encouragement by recognizing outstanding contributions to the academic, scientific, technological, industrial, or service areas involving separations technologies. Candidates must be age 39 or less at the time of nomination. Criteria considered in selecting an awardee include: Significant discoveries, important research, development of new processes and products, introduction of new education concepts, service to the Separations Division, or outstanding service to the separations community.

    FRI/Neil Yeoman Innovation Award 2023 Winner - Ruilan Guo

    The Innovation Award honors the memory of Neil Yeoman, a charter member of both the AIChE Separations Division and the FRI Design Practices Committee.  His long time dedication to the Separations Division was exemplified by applying practical solutions to existing problems.

    This award recognizes outstanding contributions to scientific, technological, or industrial areas involving separations technologies. Criteria considered in selecting an awardee include development and implementation of significant discoveries, creative research, or new processes and/or products. The innovation should have demonstrated significant and measurable commercial, environmental, or societal value.