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FRI Welcomes Three New Members


    FRI would like to welcome our three newest members, Par Pacific, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, and Tianjin Tianchen Green Energy Engineering Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd.

    Par Pacific is a growth-oriented company that owns and operates market-leading energy and infrastructure businesses in logistically-complex markets. It owns and operates one of the largest energy networks in Hawaii with 94,000-bpd of operating refining capacity, and 60,000-bpd of combined refining capacity in the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies. Their facilities also include multimodal logistics system, including an SPM, storage, barges, pipelines, marine terminal, rail facilities, and trucking operations.

    FRI information and tools will be used to help Par Pacific achieve its goal to provide the fuels and products needed by the communities where they operate.

    Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited is a Thai energy company that operates in tandem with socio-environmental responsibility. Its core business is petroleum refining to produce high-standard products from domestic and international sources. With a capacity of 120,000 barrels per day (120 KBD), Bangchak produces and distributes its products through more than 1,300 service stations nationwide. It has expanded its businesses to oil trading, green power, bio-based products, natural resources, and business development. Key aspects of Bangchak Corporation include Oil Refining, Upstream, and Retail Operations, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Community Engagement and Social Responsibility, and Innovation and Technology.

    Ultimately, Bangchak aims to enhance national energy security and sustain its diverse businesses. The FRI Membership will provide tools and information to help them meet their goals.

    Tianjin Tianchen Green Energy Engineering Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of research and development in the fields of green energy, new materials, new technologies, and high-performance catalyst products. Their commitment to technological innovation is the driving force behind their operations, and they have seamlessly integrated engineering concepts into their entire research and development life cycle. By doing so, they are actively promoting the chemical industry's transition towards a greener, environmentally friendly, and more sustainable direction.

    In this pursuit of innovation and sustainability, the tools and information provided by FRI will serve as a crucial role in implementing Tianchen’s innovation-driven development strategy. Furthermore, FRI resources will support the company in taking on a pivotal role in advancing scientific and technological innovation on a global scale.

    If you are interested in membership, please contact us.