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Topical Report Release - TR-224, Test of the Koch-Glitsch INTALOX® ULTRA™ T Random Packing


    TR-224 presents the test results for the 2022 Category 1 test of the Koch-Glitsch INTALOX® ULTRA™ T random packing. The test was conducted in the 4-foot (1.22 m) diameter section of the low-pressure column of the FRI unit. The test systems used were p/o-xylene system at 14.7 psia (1.01 bar), iC4/nC4 system at 100 psia (6.9 bara) and iC4/nC4 system at 165 psia (11.4 bara). HETP, pressure drop, and capacity measurements were made for the random packing for the three test systems. In addition, gamma scans were used to measure liquid volume fractions and videos were recorded through the observation windows.

    Topical Report 224 by Dr. Sayeed Mohammad, Mr. Jake Humphries, Dr. Tony Cai, and Dr. Izak Nieuwoudt has been uploaded to the FRI website.